Whose mansion is it?

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The trillion dollar question

QE-1, QE-2 etc were intended to jump start the US economy. The total amount was approx __ trillion. I got to thinking, what could be accomplished with a trillion dollars, toward jump starting an economy? How much is a trillion dollars? How was the money spent? Did it work? Where did the money really go? Following is a scenario that deals with the first two questions and puts emphasis on the last two.
In July 2013, approx 144-million people were employed and approx 11-million were unemployed.
Let’s consider a scenario to get an idea of the big numbers involved here. Say a corporation is formed called “Jump Start Inc” (JSI) and is given a trillion dollars to spend to jump start the economy. That is, it has a budget of 1-trillion dollars to spend in one year.
Say JSI hires 10-million people and pays them $10.00 an hour, for a 40 hour work week, 50 weeks a year, (to keep the math simple.) Each person has a gross income of $20,000 a year. That is a 200-billion dollar, annual payroll, which is only 20% of the JSI budget. National unemployment would come down to less than 1%, legitimate unemployment and welfare costs would be greatly reduced at the state and national level. JSI could claim success, but these employees aren’t doing anything yet except milling around. So management at JSI has a meeting and decides to furnish each person with a wheelbarrow. Wheelbarrows cost between $100 and $250 if you buy them one at a time. Let’s say they decide to buy the made in USA model and that they get a quantity discount and only pay $200 a piece. Yes that’s a 2-billion dollar order for wheelbarrows. JSI could set up and build the biggest wheelbarrow manufacturing plant in the world, but they decide to buy from an existing company in the US, “Wheelbarrows USA Inc.” WUI places orders for components. Akron Ohio, 10-million wheelbarrow tires. Youngstown Ohio, 10-million tubs. Pittsburgh, 10,000,000 wheels and axles. Somewhere in Oregon, 20-million wooden handles. Somewhere in New Jersey, 300,000 gallons of primer and 300,000 gallons of JSI blue paint. USA made wheelbarrows weigh 50# each, so there is 500-million pounds of freight from the various component suppliers to the WUI assembly plant in Kansas. And another 500-million pounds of freight from Kansas to the place where the wheelbarrows will be used. That’s 1-billion pounds of freight. Say they ship by truck at 40,000# per truck. That’s 25,000 truck loads, traveling at an average distance of say, 1000 miles would be 25,000,000 miles or a distance of 52 times to the moon and back. (Yeah, I know the distance to the moon thing is getting old, but it does make a point.) Well thanks to JSI the steel industry got an order for 350-million pounds of steel. The wood, paint and freight companies also got huge orders.
JSI has another meeting. “Well, certainly we have accomplished a lot so far, but let’s keep going. If JSI sets up 1,000 work stations across the country, there would be 10,000 workers at each work station. One genius at JSI says, “Let’s have half of the workers, at each work station, move dirt from one pile marked “A” to another pile marked “B” and then have the other half of the workers move the dirt from pile “B” back to pile “A”. That way everybody is working, and we have helped the economy. The comptroller stands and says, “that’s a dumb idea and by the way, we have only spent 22% of our budget, so we can’t quit now. Someone from human resources stands up and says, “Let’s give all the employees a 50% raise.” The pros and cons are discussed, “That’s a heck of a raise for people who have not actually done anything” and “$10.00 an hour was too low to start with, regardless of what they’re doing.” Finally the idea was floated that there could be two bonuses. One at 6 months for $5,000 and another at the end of the year for another $5,000. They agree on this last idea and look to the comptroller. He says, “Sorry that brings it up to 32% of budget.” The VP of good ideas says “There aren’t any more people to hire and we’ve got wheelbarrows out the ‘whazoo’, now what. Engineering says “We need to do work that requires additional material that we have to buy and furnish, like rock, sand and cement.” “We have 10-million people and all those wheelbarrows.” By the way whose idea was it to buy 10-million wheelbarrows? Duh!” Someone else reminds the group that the company’s original requirement was not necessarily efficiency, but rather to cause new money to circulate, so as to improve the economy. Engineering can’t grasp the concept but sits down.
Ok engineering, say we want to build a dam, the size of Hoover dam, which has 3,250,000 cubic yards of concrete. Well, each wheelbarrow load is 6 cubic feet or .22 yards. So that would be 14,772,727 wheelbarrow loads. That means each employee would only have to move 1.5 wheelbarrow loads a year. “Ok, purchasing, How much does concrete cost?” “Say $100 a yard or $325-million for the whole dam. They all look to the comptroller who just smiles and says, “You would put a lot of people to work outside of JSI, to furnish rock sand and cement but it would only cost .0003% of budget.
Now for a reality check. Bare with me. I realize building a dam is a lot more complicated than men with wheelbarrows, but am trying to show the magnitude of a trillion dollars. The Hoover dam was built in 1931 for 50-million dollars which would be 690-million dollars in 2008 dollars. So how many Hoover dams could you build at 690-million dollars apiece, with a 1-trillion dollar budget. My calculator keeps coming up with1449 dams. What this means is, each of the 50 states could have received enough money to build or rebuild infrastructure that would have a cost equal to 29 Hoover dams at today’s prices. That would be, 1-trillion dollars. However it could have been way greater than that as there were many trillion dollars supposedly spent for jump starting the economy, not just 1-trillion dollars.
Now, for the last three questions. How was the money spent? Did it work? Where did the money really go? I don’t have answers for these questions, but it really pisses me off to realize what could have been done. But who cares? Who is willing to do anything about it? Evidently we are satisfied to just wait and see what’s going to happen, and do nothing about it. Hmmm!

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Did Obama make it to the White House becuase of his race? This man says he did

Author and Blogger ET Williams’ YouTube video says “If Obama was White He Wouldn’t Be President”

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Watch the trailer from Dreams from my Real father

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Meet the Real Obama in 5 Minutes

EXCLUSIVE : Meet the real Obama in 5 minutes by Neo_Deus_Ex_Machina

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Take some more Obamacin

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Our mobile sign hits the road tomorrow!

Our mobile sign truck is finally finished and will be rolling around South Florida starting tomorrow around 10 am. Look for this truck and if you see it, please visit this site and comment. This mobile sign and web site represents the hard work and care of a group of Patriot Americans that hope to change some of the votes in the Florida and hopefully National area.

Vote The American Way

These pictures were taken inside and not real clear, but we will be posting more pictures and videos tomorrow as the Vote the American way mobile sign hits the road.

Obama's way did not work

We hope you will see this truck, visit the site and comment. This side has the slogan “unfortunately Obama’s way didn’t work. Please Vote the American Way.

If Obama was white he would not be President

This side has our friend and fellow patriot ET Williams pictured on it and says If Obama was white he would not be President. Please don’t vote based on race this time. Please visit ET Williams’ web site what ever happen to common sense.

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Open letter to Obama by Derrick A. Coleman

When I read a letter like the one I just read on My Political Rants! I begin to get my faith back in our youth. Derrick Coleman has more intelligence than most young men and a patriot. Read this letter and you tell me.

Dear Mr. President, a title which I pray you soon will not have. You call yourself an American. I’m not talking about where you were born, or what race you are. I’m talking about the American ideals we live by. You say you believe and will uphold these ideals, but you don’t. Like I said, I’m not talking about where you were born or what race you are…. You sir, are not an American.

I will tell you what it means to be an American. I’m not speaking for every American, I’m speaking for the ideals our Founding Fathers instilled in us. Freedom, justice, liberty. Are you aware of what each of these mean? Do you know what it means to be a Patriot? As a President, you’re our leader. As a leader of a Nation, the people of that Nation need to be your number ONE priority. Americans. You’re number one priority is to keep us safe. So, when radicals are attacking an embassy and FOUR Americans are requesting help, you send help. You don’t go to sleep, you don’t fly to Vegas, you don’t tell anyone to stand down, you don’t blame it on a video and you sure as hell should have some compassion, when they die…Because of you.

You are a sorry excuse for a leader, you are no American Patriot. You don’t send aid and our tax dollars to support a Muslim Brotherhood that are enemies of everything we stand for. You don’t tell Russia who supports Iran, Syria and the Brotherhood that you’ll have more flexibility after the election. You support the Occupy movement and you said so yourself. The Occupy movement, the enemies of the Constitution? You don’t support the racism of whites by walking with Black Panthers and listening to a “Reverend” that hates America. You don’t say that the Constitution is flawed, racist and imperialistic. You don’t expand the power of the executive branch and you sure as hell don’t take more and more freedoms and liberty away from the American people.

Patriotism? Please…. The only goal you have is to destroy America economically. Record debt, deficit, and the number of people on welfare is up 17 million? If spending 4 trillion in 8 years is unpatriotic, spending 6 trillion in 4 is anti-American. Socialism is not welcome. To call yourself “not socialist” is extremely ridiculous and untrue. I would also like to know why you sued Arizona and chose lawlessness and open boarders over the citizens of Arizona.

Why do you continue to lie to us? We have more pieces to this Benghazi puzzle then you have lies. Tell the truth and face the music like a man. A man who cares about the better of the nation. You said you would find and prosecute the people responsible for this attack. You received an email that night explaining who did this, they admitted it! You will not seek justice for any of them. An ambassador, 2 Navy Seals, and an Air Force Sec ops are dead. This should fill you with rage and compassion. Compassion for those who have died and those families who have lost someone and rage for those who have committed this atrocity. You know why you have neither of these? Because you could have prevented this and you did nothing. This is YOUR fault.

You’re bringing my Country down and this cannot continue. I pray you will be voted out and Americans will wake up. Our economy, our defense, our military and everything is weaker. If I hated America I would love to have you as President. But you know I don’t, I love this Country and so do millions of other Americans who will stand with me. You have until January to take away the rest of our freedoms and liberties away, and to ruin this country as much as possible. And then a Real American will move into the White House. Why is Mitt Romney a REAL American? He believes in limited Govt., Free Market, Freedom, Liberty, A strong Military, Low Taxes. I think by know you realize I’m talking about all the things you’re against. Being American doesn’t mean you were born here, it doesn’t matter what the color of your skin is, it doesn’t matter what gender or by what name you call God. It’s about being Free. And Americans will make sure it stays that way.


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The ten cannots and seven National crimes

  • You cannot bring about prosperity by discouraging thrift.
  • You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong.
  • You cannot help little men by tearing down big men.
  • You cannot lift the wage earner by pulling down the wage payer.
  • You cannot help the poor by destroying the rich.
  • You cannot establish sound security on borrowed money.
  • You cannot further the brotherhood of man by inciting class hatred.
  • You cannot keep out of trouble by spending more than you earn.
  • You cannot build character and courage by destroying men’s initiative and independence.
  • And you cannot help men permanently by doing for them what they can and should do for themselves.

Rev. William J. H. Boetcker 1916

Rev. Boetcker also had a set of the 7 national crimes

  • I don’t think.
  • I don’t know.
  • I don’t care.
  • I am too busy.
  • I leave well enough alone.
  • I have no time to read and find out.
  • I am not interested.


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Over 50 days have expired since Benghazi attack still no answers

It has been nearly two months since the terrorist attack that happened on American soil in Benghazi, Libya and the best answer we can get is it is still under investigation. Huh? With the Senate investigation more answers are coming out, but we still don’t know answers to some of the important questions. One of the most important questions is was the requests for more help on the ground in Libya denied? and if so by whom? Kyle Clark, a reporter with 9News, asked the president about the requests for help and whether or not it was fair to make Americans wait for answers on Benghazi until after the election in this next video. Watch the expression of Obama’s face as these important questions are asked.

Next, there have been emerging stories in the news that the administration had the ability to watch the attack as it happened because there was at least one predator drone flying over the area during this attack that lasted nearly 7 hours. Remember that 2 of the dead Americans died in the final 6th hour of this fight. This is all discussed in the CBS news video below.

So, if all this is true, I am wondering just what kind of a camera view do you see when watching the ground through the camera of a predator drone? Maybe it is possible that the imaging is not clear and the monitor picture might be fuzzy enough not to see a battle where RPG (rocket propelled grenades) and mortar fire were used. I looked to find the answer in a real video recorded by a predator drone just to see what they might have viewed from the camera eye. The video I found is below, seeing is believing.

It appears that the view from a drone is pretty clear and one would be able to pretty much see what is going on below. You have the information, you decide.

This article is posted with respect to the 4 Americans that died and their families Ambassador Chris Stevens, Information Management Officer Sean Smith, security personnel and former Navy SEALs, Tyrone S. Woods and Glen A. Doherty rest in peace and with the gratitude of America in serving your country to the extent of the ultimate sacrifice. Our hearts and prayers go out to them

Americans want and deserve answers Mr. President

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