Open letter to Obama by Derrick A. Coleman

When I read a letter like the one I just read on My Political Rants! I begin to get my faith back in our youth. Derrick Coleman has more intelligence than most young men and a patriot. Read this letter and you tell me.

Dear Mr. President, a title which I pray you soon will not have. You call yourself an American. I’m not talking about where you were born, or what race you are. I’m talking about the American ideals we live by. You say you believe and will uphold these ideals, but you don’t. Like I said, I’m not talking about where you were born or what race you are…. You sir, are not an American.

I will tell you what it means to be an American. I’m not speaking for every American, I’m speaking for the ideals our Founding Fathers instilled in us. Freedom, justice, liberty. Are you aware of what each of these mean? Do you know what it means to be a Patriot? As a President, you’re our leader. As a leader of a Nation, the people of that Nation need to be your number ONE priority. Americans. You’re number one priority is to keep us safe. So, when radicals are attacking an embassy and FOUR Americans are requesting help, you send help. You don’t go to sleep, you don’t fly to Vegas, you don’t tell anyone to stand down, you don’t blame it on a video and you sure as hell should have some compassion, when they die…Because of you.

You are a sorry excuse for a leader, you are no American Patriot. You don’t send aid and our tax dollars to support a Muslim Brotherhood that are enemies of everything we stand for. You don’t tell Russia who supports Iran, Syria and the Brotherhood that you’ll have more flexibility after the election. You support the Occupy movement and you said so yourself. The Occupy movement, the enemies of the Constitution? You don’t support the racism of whites by walking with Black Panthers and listening to a “Reverend” that hates America. You don’t say that the Constitution is flawed, racist and imperialistic. You don’t expand the power of the executive branch and you sure as hell don’t take more and more freedoms and liberty away from the American people.

Patriotism? Please…. The only goal you have is to destroy America economically. Record debt, deficit, and the number of people on welfare is up 17 million? If spending 4 trillion in 8 years is unpatriotic, spending 6 trillion in 4 is anti-American. Socialism is not welcome. To call yourself “not socialist” is extremely ridiculous and untrue. I would also like to know why you sued Arizona and chose lawlessness and open boarders over the citizens of Arizona.

Why do you continue to lie to us? We have more pieces to this Benghazi puzzle then you have lies. Tell the truth and face the music like a man. A man who cares about the better of the nation. You said you would find and prosecute the people responsible for this attack. You received an email that night explaining who did this, they admitted it! You will not seek justice for any of them. An ambassador, 2 Navy Seals, and an Air Force Sec ops are dead. This should fill you with rage and compassion. Compassion for those who have died and those families who have lost someone and rage for those who have committed this atrocity. You know why you have neither of these? Because you could have prevented this and you did nothing. This is YOUR fault.

You’re bringing my Country down and this cannot continue. I pray you will be voted out and Americans will wake up. Our economy, our defense, our military and everything is weaker. If I hated America I would love to have you as President. But you know I don’t, I love this Country and so do millions of other Americans who will stand with me. You have until January to take away the rest of our freedoms and liberties away, and to ruin this country as much as possible. And then a Real American will move into the White House. Why is Mitt Romney a REAL American? He believes in limited Govt., Free Market, Freedom, Liberty, A strong Military, Low Taxes. I think by know you realize I’m talking about all the things you’re against. Being American doesn’t mean you were born here, it doesn’t matter what the color of your skin is, it doesn’t matter what gender or by what name you call God. It’s about being Free. And Americans will make sure it stays that way.


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2 Responses to Open letter to Obama by Derrick A. Coleman

  1. Marcus Dean says:

    This young man is very uninformed and needs to take a GOVERNMENT class in high school so he will understand how the US Government works. He also needs to learn how to read and UNDERSTAND economics and a timeline because these concepts seem to elude him also. He seems very well spoken but totally LOST on the subject for which he is attempting to speak on.

    • American voter says:

      Really? The subject he is speaking of is patriotism and personally I believe is is deead on. Thanks for your comment, but please open your eyes.

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