Our mobile sign hits the road tomorrow!

Our mobile sign truck is finally finished and will be rolling around South Florida starting tomorrow around 10 am. Look for this truck and if you see it, please visit this site and comment. This mobile sign and web site represents the hard work and care of a group of Patriot Americans that hope to change some of the votes in the Florida and hopefully National area.

Vote The American Way

These pictures were taken inside and not real clear, but we will be posting more pictures and videos tomorrow as the Vote the American way mobile sign hits the road.

Obama's way did not work

We hope you will see this truck, visit the site and comment. This side has the slogan “unfortunately Obama’s way didn’t work. Please Vote the American Way.

If Obama was white he would not be President

This side has our friend and fellow patriot ET Williams pictured on it and says If Obama was white he would not be President. Please don’t vote based on race this time. Please visit ET Williams’ web site what ever happen to common sense.

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