Welcome to Vote the American Way

We are a group of concerned citizens that feel that our country has taken the wrong path under the current administration. Together we can make the changes necessary to bring our country back on course by voting “the American way”. We are not affiliated with any party or candidate in the upcoming 2012 election. We are here to give and receive information to help you make the correct decision on November 6th 2012.

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3 Responses to Welcome to Vote the American Way

  1. Al says:

    Great site Mike. I am impressed. You are a multi talented guy, a true patriot and an untiring actavist.

  2. Marcus Unitis says:


    • American voter says:

      Come back an tell me that in a year. We all lose as Americans. However, while you are on your high horse and partying, we have work to do. Its a shame you are so willing to let your freedom go. I pray you do not have children that you have laid your burden on.Tell me, when do you think we might have an answer on the 4 Americans that were murdered in Benghazi my friend? Do you realize that your vote was more important to him than human life? and you laugh

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